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The first company of Uyar Group of Companies is Akdag which became operational in 1978, it was then followed by Demsan Sigorta Aracilik Ltd.Şti. in 1982.Uyar Group of Companies further grew with the founding of Transanka in 1986 to meet the demands of its customer base for security, fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems.

Uyar Group

In 1988, Transvaro was founded with a partnership of an American firm. It was later transformed into a fully Turkish - owned firm in 1994 to provide product support for the Turkish Defence Industry with a wide range of products..

Planart, the manufacturer of flexible space systems and modern office furniture, became operational in 1993. In the following two years, Plan Tekstil was founded. Plan Tekstil, manufactures special clothing to protect the human body from cold weather and fire. It also manufactures protective gear for special operation units.

Uyar Group of Companies entered the tourism industry by forming Golden Key in 1996 and began serving both domestic and international tourists with hotels designed in boutique style. UNJFO Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. was founded to take part in the food industry in 1997